Nancy Holleran

Life is filled with great experiences. Ones that make us smile; ones that touch our hearts; and ones that leave us spellbound by nature’s beauty. As an artist, I have always chosen to incorporate people, animals or some unique structure in my paintings; they provide visual design interest and help capture the moment.

Utilizing my photographs, a composition is drafted enabling entry, exit and visual interest within the picture. A draft of the composition allows me to choose color scheme and suitable media options. Dependent on the feeling being conveyed, I utilize like using different contrasting effects: transparent, semi-transparent, iridescent watercolor and gouache; line variations with watercolor pencil or ink or similar color value schemes. The most exciting part of the process is watching a blank piece of paper transform into the moment I want to capture. My paintings are developed over days or put away for a week to review if it has accomplished the feeling I wanted to convey. 
My paintings take simple scenes from anywhere in the world to hopefully provide some positive unspoken message for the viewer. If they make you smile, laugh or provide sense of peace, I have succeeded. Ten percent (10%) of each of my paintings’ sale proceeds will go to a non-profit organization of the customer’s choice to pass on some joy to others.






Aptos, California 95003


+1  408 438 0137