one of my  favorite things to do: walk the dogs at .Hidden Beach, Seascape Ca.

About the artist...


Since my early years, I have been fascinated with cultures— both foreign and domestic—that diverge from my own experience. There are many unique people and places in this world both in our own neighborhoods and across the oceans. This curiosity has led to taking photographs, which become the springboard for future paintings. Paintings, photographs and drawings all preserve these visual moments each in their own way. Drawing on these commonalities, I draft watercolor scenes that capture the shared human essence from Key Largo to Hanalei. It is at times an unforgiving medium which at times I incorporate non-traditional techniques.  Art is such a wonderful means of communication; It speak every language.

Ink, paint and paper are simple elements of art used to create. I hope you enjoy my interpretation of capturing the message with these simple elements.

All paintings are available in giclee prints on archival paper in your specified size. Each has a certificate and numbering in the series; all series have a maximum of 25 copies.  Some originals are also available when indicated. 15% ofmy proceedseach year will be going to charity (  Juvenile Diabetes, American Cancer SocietyandRebele Family Homeless Shelter Santa Cruz, Ca.  )